Dr. Cowin Changes His Status From Surgeon to Full-Time Office Doctor

After 42 years and thousands of surgeries, our Dr. John Cowin has decided to leave the middle-of-the-night calls and ER duties to his fellow FMI surgeons, and spend more office time with patients and off-time enjoying family, friends and a full night’s sleep. Dr. Cowin wants patients to know that while he is retiring from surgery, he is in no way retiring from his post at FMI. Dr. Cowin remains passionately committed to patients and their ongoing welfare. His history as a doctor and surgeon has seen him perform everything from minor fixes to miraculous feats, and he values every memory, a few of which he has chosen to share on his Facebook page, and shared with FMI's page: https://www.facebook.com/bonesandmuscles. We hope you’ll read about some of his recent events and remembrances, including one about his final ER patient on New Year’s Day of 2014 – his own grandson!

Ryan Mitchell