Do not eat, drink, chew gum or smoke anything after 12 midnight, the night before surgery.

Discontinue all blood thinning and Aspirin products 7 – 10 days prior to surgery. You will need to contact your primary care doctor for instructions for this, as well as instructions to continue taking routine medications or to miss a dose the morning of surgery (examples include: insulin, blood pressure pills, or heart medication).

Do not bring jewelry or valuables with you to the hospital.  All jewelry must be removed prior to surgery and the hospital does not assume responsibility for these items.

Remember to wear comfortable clothing.  Often after surgery, tight clothing will be uncomfortable and create difficulty getting dressed.

You will be required to have a responsible adult, licensed to drive, to take you home at the time of discharge.

Contact lenses can not be worn in the Operating Room.  Be sure to bring your container to keep these protected while in surgery.

Notify the surgeon of any change in your physical condition indicating the occurrence of respiratory infection (bad cold) or contagious disease exposure.  This will likely postpone your surgery.

It will be the prerogative of the physician (surgeon) or anesthesiologist to order the patient to be admitted to the hospital if condition warrants.

Parent or legal guardian must accompany a minor scheduled for ambulatory surgery in order to sign operative consent forms.

Finger nail polish and make up must be removed.

Complete bath or shower the night before surgery.

You will be contacted if you will require any medical equipment, and these arrangements will be made prior to surgery.