NuCel – Stem Cell Treatment for Injury & Pain, Available Now at FMI

FMI’s Dr. Carl Ollivierre became interested in using stem cells to help heal injury and treat chronic pain after scrutinizing the many research studies and decades of empirical evidence supporting stem cell use for soft tissue maladies, including osteoarthritis, tendonitis and collagen damage and deterioration. For a basic overview of stem cell use in the treatment of orthopaedic conditions, click here. 

Dr. Ollivierre is so excited about the amazing healing properties of stem cell therapy that he is providing the revolutionary NuCel bioactive treatment to qualified patients – one of whom is himself. “I’m 55 and after years of running I found my posterior tibial tendinitis (PTT) was impairing my abilities,” says Dr. Ollivierre. “I was determined to run the 2015 Boston Marathon, so I injected my affected tendon with NuCel several weeks before the race, and came in at my best time ever [3:35:23]. This treatment is nothing shy of amazing and I’m delighted to be able to offer it to eligible patients.” NuCel is a bioactive suspension derived from amniotic membrane and fluid. NuCel concentrates these all-natural materials’ multipotential stem cells, which are cells with the ability to make more of themselves, and growth factors, which are the naturally-occurring agents that can stimulate cell migration to injury sites to actively repair tissues. These agents are combined with all-natural hyaluronic acid and proteins to assist in delivery, support healing and reduce inflammation. 

Unlike many treatments, stem cells have the ability to actually heal injury, rather than just suppress pain like NSAIDs and steroid injections. And because they can regenerate into different tissues, they can be used to repair ligaments, tendons and cartilage. 

NuCel is not presently covered by insurance, so patients may be understandably concerned about cost. But since NuCel has the potential to actually heal injuries and pain conditions, it can delay and even prevent the need for surgery, making it comparably affordable – and definitely preferable to many patients. 

Dr. Ollivierre provides NuCel amniotic stem cell injections at both FMI locations in The Villages and Leesburg. Contact us to find out if NuCel might be right for you.   

Ryan Mitchell