Stem Cell Therapy – A Revolution in the Treatment of Orthopaedic Conditions

Most people have heard of stem cells but don’t know that they can be used to safely and successfully treat and heal injury, pain and inflammation, so we want to give people some basic information about this all-natural procedure. Taken from amniotic fluid, stem cells have been used to diagnose prenatal conditions for more than 70 years, and to treat injury, pain and scarring for nearly 100. Ongoing studies have shown that amniotic fluid and stem cells can also be used to regenerate multiple tissue types, including tendons, ligaments and collagen fibers, which act as the cushioning agents in joints. Obviously this is exciting news for people who suffer from osteoarthritis, tendonitis and other soft tissue injuries and deficiencies. Stem cell treatment can help many people overcome injury and pain, and delay or eliminate the need for surgery. 

It should be noted that present forms of stem cell therapy are derived from consenting donors and not from fetal tissue, so patients can utilize this breakthrough treatment without ethical unease or compromise. The injectable fluid is fully regulated by the FDA and has been used in thousands of patients throughout the US without a single reported rejection, allergic response or other adverse reaction. 

People seeking a revolutionary, all-natural and proven-safe and -effective treatment for injury and chronic pain conditions can benefit from stem cell treatment now by contacting FMI. We also invite you to read more about FMI’s stem cell therapy here

Ryan Mitchell